…for buying 5054 magazine. The first two issues have been extremely well received. I hope you all feel you enjoyed good value from them and that their timeless nature makes them worthy of a place on the bookshelf.


However, the time has come for 5054 to try and stand on its own two feet. That’s why Volume 3 needs to be crowd-funded. You can find the project on Kickstarter and there are three different offers.


But please hurry, because we have less than two weeks to make the target.


Should we reach our target, everyone who pledges through Kickstarter will also get at least one 5054 ‘Founder Member’ windscreen sticker. What better way to adorn your car?


Volume 3 will take a British industry focus after the Italian theme of Issue 2. We will be making more use of superb photography with a series of stories from the birth of the powered vehicle to the strange death and re-birth of the UK automotive industry.


One particular highlight is a long-read adapted from a Durham University dissertation which was awarded a distinction earlier this year. The author considers one of the least examined aspects of the British Leyland debacle: did UK politicians realise what they were doing when deciding to nationalise BLMC? The author also spent months in the Kew Records Office, researching the story from original sources.


Looking to the future, we’ll also explore the rise and rise of world-class Asian car factories and consider the legacy of FCA boss and industry legend Sergio Marchionne - a man who considered the mass-manufacture of cars to be financially mad.


Thanks for your support and please pledge for Volume 3 of 5054.


Hilton Holloway, London, October 2018