Sorry about the delay in getting back to you…


Firstly, we’re very grateful to you for sticking with us and buying the third volume of 5054 magazine. And, secondly, we’re sorry that we couldn’t manage to continue to publish in the print format.


The delay between Vols 2 and 3 was a result of the hard fact that we just didn’t sell enough of the printed version to produce a third issue.


It’s very pleasing to see that 5054 has directly inspired two more high-end motoring magazines into existence, but with no possibility of advertising and the high combined cost of print and postage, especially for overseas buyers, meant that in summer 2018 I hit the pause button for a rethink.


I was very happy with the quality of writing and originality of the first two issues, which is what 5054 was intended to be all about. The sort of content, insight and illustrations you won’t see anywhere else. Long reads of the kind that have vanished from mainstream automotive magazines.


The result of that rethink is now in your hands - or on your flash drive. A high-quality PDF file, ideal for viewing on a tablet. Most publishers now embed digital magazines into websites and so on. However, I’ve decided that we’re going to trust our readers to buy Vol 3 and not pass it it on to a friend. Or at least not very many friends.


And I’m guessing that will be the case because dropping the domestic cost of 5054 from £12 delivered to just £4.50 (sorry, there’s 20% VAT on digital downloads) will make the magazine more attractive to more people.


But there’s another reason for going to a high-quality digital format. The photography and illustrations are much punchier and more detailed than could be rendered in print, even with the very high quality processes we used for the first two volumes of this magazine.


The same goes for the flat-bed scanning abilities of PH Media. The Trojan handbook featured in this issue is nearly 100 years old and absolutely shines out in high-resolution. The truth is, for a magazine dealing with the glory of engineering, digital makes a great deal of sense.


Vol 3 has a British theme, built around the best analysis you will ever read on the great BL disaster. This piece is adapted from Daniel Cohen’s degree dissertation, which received a distinction last year at Durham University. The beautiful graphics tell the story of just how far BLMC fell.


Another highlight is the anonymously supplied Rover documents from the very last days of active BMW ownership. Another desperately frustrating event. Follow that with Richard Bremner’s Morris Minor ‘barn find’, which is just the kind of deeply fascinating 5054 feature you won’t get anywhere else.



Hilton Holloway,

Founder/Editor London,

February 2019